X Y Motion System 600x400 (16"x24") working area

The Motion system or "x y Stage" is a similar motion system of the stock K40 machine, based on the same principle of two Nema 17 stepper motors, one for the Y axis which consists of two belts rod and pinion, one for the X axis witch consist of a belt driven gantry plate on wheels.

But the big difference with this X Y Stage is how is made compared with the stock K40 Machine, normally the stock machine have a steel “welded  x y frame” not always or never perfectly square, making some times mirror alignment a real pain or uneven results on cuts and engraving,

This X Y stage is a disassemble kit that you put together so how square will be is on you, it is all aluminum with I beam shape almost 3 inch tall and 1/8 thick material, another good thing about it, came with everything, Motors, Limit Switches, Belts, Rods, Tensioners and the Gantry, for me I think is a good deal.